JAEC reached over 5,000 farmers especially in Murang’a and Kajiado County. Some of the area JAEC has been focusing on include:

Bee Keeping, tree distribution and planting, hay project.

Over 7,000 farmers have been reached through one on one trainings as well as through Radio show (Radio Maria).

JAEC collaborates with Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) officer within the targeted Counties to ensure that the support and collaboration is strengthened. JAEC also support and collaborate with other partners within the areas of implementation.


Some of the activities undertaken includes:

  • Sensitization of farmers on modern farming technologies through Radio, one on one at the farm level and at the group level
  • Linking of farmers for various support e.g extension service (farm plans, Installation of water pans, soil testing) among other services
  • Distribution of agroforestry trees
  • Support farmers to access hay especially during dry seasons
  • Training farmers on hay growing, harvesting and storage
  • Training farmers on bee keeping
  • Training of local artisans on making of bee hives
  • Distribution of bee hives

Among other activities

The main focus is on

  • Increase agricultural productivity through sustainable land management
  • Livelihood improvement
  • Increase food security

Implementation strategy

Sensitization of farmers through:

1. Community mobilizers,

  • Chief Barraza’s,
  • Organized groups (women, men and youth),
  • Church structures: – small Christian communities, Other church denominationgathering, writing invitation letters to churches,
  1. Demo farms (exchange visits),
  2. Engaged interns.
  3. Radio show