With the new constitution dispensation (COK 2010) it is important to ensure that people understand their democratic right and responsibilities in the devolved governments. JAEC works towards creating awareness on governance related issues to ensure that citizens fully participate in all matter’s governance.

JAEC creates awareness through budget champions and analysist at the county level, radio talk shows and content through the local magazines e.g Mwihoko.



Other related areas
  • Empowering and integration of formerly imprisoned women,
  • Promote advocacy on civic education
  • Chairs Murang’a Civil Society Network
  • Enhance gender-based violence awareness
  • Working with minority Women groups (Widows) and OVCs- JAEC has been working with widows’ women groups by capacity building them on rights, succession issues and social economic activities. The groups are composed by widows and women who live with orphans and vulnerable children. JAEC has been working with some of these women to capacity build them on property succession and how to acquire legal documents in cases where there is family dispute on properties.
  • Working with women in prison and formerly imprisoned women- access to justice. Some women are in prison with minor offences e.g selling groceries along the road, assisting someone with their phones- a call which was made to criminals. Capacity building women in prison on how to make appeal and making interpretation of their sentences among others. Working with Ex-prisoners- most women are referred to as outcast in the communities and are rejected by their families. Therefore, starting all over again becomes very difficult for them and they can’t start a small business or establish a source of income. JAEC, supports them to access a good conduct certificate and start up for those that not accepted back by their families
  • Networking and advocacy-JAEC has been working with different government officers to ensure that children have acquired necessary documents e.g., birth certificates and those who attains 18 years are guided on acquisition of national ID. JAEC works with ministry of health to create awareness on early teenage pregnancies and offering supports to teenage mothers’ support to go back to school. JAEC has been supporting with at least 7 girls who are most vulnerable, and their parents are unable to pay their school fees.
  • Social economic activities for women: – support groups with relevant information on where and how to access government support e.g., women fund, youth fund, CDF for their children, Joywo, and registration of groups among others. This ensures that women are well supported and can start small business which will support their livelihoods.