The main thrust of the women’s development activities would be to assist women in the sustainable establishment of income generating activities to be undertaken in or near the home. IGAs tend to give women a higher status within the family and studies generally indicate that the greater the amount of income under women’s control the greater amount devoted to their children’s education, health and nutrition. Generally, incomes of women are used for the increase of the wellbeing of the family. However, it is essential to guarantee that women will have the control of the funds and free disposal of them to implement IGAs.

JAEC is working towards ensuring the beneficiaries are able to sustainably support their livelihood through

  • Formation, strengthening and training of community groups
  • Enhancing community livelihood and food security
  • Strengthening of Village Saving and Credit program

A total of 100 groups have been trained on Village Saving and Credit program and are actively saving and borrowing at their level.